Safest self-driving. Enabled.

Level Six is a Silicon Valley startup developing a revolutionary technology to accelerate the autonomous vehicles (AV) development cycle. Our approach aims to dramatically reduce the cost of development and enable achieving the highest levels of operational safety.

We are in stealth mode. Please contact us to learn about the early engagement program.


The industry moves from the academic research to productization, facing a problem of managing the scale of AI training substantiated by the required level of safety.

Level Six solves this problem, reducing costs of data collection, labeling, and managing of training sets, while providing the utmost quality of training data.


Level Six makes it possible to test scenarios impractical or unfeasible of reproduction in real life.

We will provide solutions to validate and test your AV designs, supporting various “in-the-loop” configurations (HiL – hardware in-the-loop, SiL – software in-the-loop, human-in-the-loop, etc).


In the US alone, more than 40,000 people die in auto accidents each year. The goal of AV development is to reduce these fatalities to zero.

Level Six aims to integrate into the AV safety certification process. Our solutions will cover a multitude of testing scenarios, reducing costs, and enable achieving the highest safety.

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